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“I’m like a new person!”
Emma’s 15mo girl went from 6+ wakes/night down to 2 wakes/night. 
After BSR there’s no more hour-long bedtime battles, settling now takes 5 mins, and days are more predictable.
“It changed me & my husband’s life!”
Sara’s 9mo boy went through a major regression at 4 months, waking every 30-60 mins at night. 
As a result of implementing the BSR program he went from 15-20 wakes/night down to just 2 wakes/night. 
“I feel so much better! I’ve been able to exercise again & go back to work.”
Bianca’s 9mo girl was waking every hour on a good night - on a bad night up to 18-21 times. 
After participating in the BSR program, she now wakes just twice a night.  
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  • 6 x Months Access To The Complete 3 Module Video Program: so you can learn how to use the science of sleep to help your very wakeful little one sleep better at night. ($197 USD Value)
  • ​Lifetime* Membership of the Baby Sleep Revolution private community (Facebook group) so you can connect with like-minded parents, ask questions and get additional support and guidance from the community to give you the best likelihood of getting a great improvement in the nights.
  • "​Managing A SPR With Other Caregivers" Bundle: so you can maximise the likelihood of getting a great result, even if your little one is cared for by others. ($47 USD Value)
  • ​"Managing Your Little One's Sleep In The Future" Comprehensive Guidebook: so you can manage sleep and keep things on track in the months and years ahead. ($47 USD Value)



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“It has reduced my stress and mum guilt, and made me realise my baby is normal.”
Jess’ 11mo boy was waking up within 30-60 mins of going to sleep and then another 5+ times every night. 
After BSR he wakes up just once!
“It seriously changed our lives!”
Nadine’s 5mo boy was experiencing bedtime battles, multiple wakes, and long ‘parties’ during the night. 
Within a week of starting the BSR program, he was sleeping through the night and continued to do so. 
“It has guaranteed we get a few hours alone together as a couple in the evening.”
Hannah & Matthew's 15mo boy was waking very frequently - every 30 mins - 2 hours all night long and he had to be held for all naps. After BSR, he now naps in his cot and is down to just two wakes / night on average. 
“We’ve seen huge, huge wins. We all feel amazing!”
On bad nights Anjelica’s 8mo girl would have long bedtime battles and wake every hour in the middle of the night. 
After BSR she wakes just 1-2 times at night and false starts are all but eliminated.
“I’m a doctor and I found the physiology, developmental science and the evidence base behind the program really appealing.”
Sarah’s 5mo girl had been very wakeful her whole life. She’d never woken less than 6 times, and this increased at 4 months to around 14 times, sometimes every 30 minutes. 
After BSR, Sarah was able to get her back down to just 6 wakes consistently. 
“A huge improvement - and I feel like a normal person again!”
Before BSR, Jessica was up every hour, sometimes up to 10 times per night to her 7mo. 
As a result of doing the BSR program, her baby is down to 1-2 wakes per night on average.  
“I have my sanity, I can function again. I can’t stress how amazing it has been for us!”
Jacqueline’s 6mo baby girl had been waking up every 30-60 mins all night for about 6-8 weeks. 
After doing the BSR program, she wakes 1-2 times at night, and Jacqueline feels really empowered and confident in managing her sleep going forward. 
“Go for it. It works!”
Kay & Charlie’s 9mo girl was having lots of false starts, 2-3 hour long midnight ‘parties’, Kay couldn’t move most of the night because she stayed latched, and they struggled to get her down for naps. 
After BSR, she settles really quickly, no more false starts, no more nighttime parties, and she only wakes twice!
“I just felt like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. It’s been a lifesaver!”
Kath’s 15mo wouldn’t go down for naps well and was wakeful at night. 
As a result of BSR, her little girl now only wakes once overnight.  
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