Baby Sleep Revolution

Learn How To Help Your Very Wakeful Little One Sleep For Longer Stretches At Night WITHOUT Sleep Training. 


  • Wakes frequently at night
  • ​Loves a 2am party, or
  • ​Sleeps very lightly / is restless for periods of the night


  • Help them fall asleep quickly, within minutes
  • Encourage longer stretches of sleep at night
  • Continue to be responsive to their needs at night (including feeding to sleep & co-sleeping if you want), and
  • Get the rest you need to be able to function properly & enjoy parenthood a whole lot more...

...then Baby Sleep Revolution™ may be exactly what you need!

Hi, I'm Georgina...

I'm an evidence-based Baby & Toddler Sleep Educator and the mum of a little one who went through a major 'sleep regression' at 9 months of age...
He was never the world's best sleeper, but up until that point I'd been managing okay...
Then the regression hit and he started waking 5, 6, 7, 8+ times at night. Sometimes every sleep cycle! 

It was absolutely exhausting. 
Sleep deprivation on a whole new level. 

This wakefulness went on for weeks and weeks until I got to the point where - after a particularly rough string of nights - I felt like I had nothing left to give. 

I'd reached breaking point. 

I could barely function during the day. 
My brain was a foggy mess.
I'd forget why I walked into a room... I'd forget entire conversations... I'd forget to lock the house. 
I even left the gas cooker burning for 6 hours straight one day while I was out. 🙊
(the house was still intact when I got home, thank goodness!)...
I knew I had to do something, I was DESPERATE. But I didn’t want to sleep train.

Conventional sleep advice had never really sat well with me. It just didn't make a lot of sense - logically or intuitively. 

I'm also a bit of a research-nut, and - to use the words of those who know me well - I like to "research the hell out of things." And I've always had a (slightly obsessive 😝) curiosity for human biology and behaviour which began way back to my university days in Melbourne while studying research-intensive psychology subjects and continued throughout my career managing many large scale research projects and working alongside researchers.

So early on in my parenting journey (before my brain turned to jelly!) I embarked on a mission to understand more about the science of sleep - deep diving into the evidence around how sleep works/the biology of sleep and pouring over the latest research papers in the field of baby and toddler sleep. 

During my investigations, I came across a fascinating scientific explanation for the cause of excessive night wakefulness (in a lot of cases) - and what to do to overcome it. It was a simple concept - not dissimilar to the process you'd go through to recover from jet-lag - that was already the first line therapy for adult and child sleep problems in the UK, and in many states of the US and Australia, and was also being applied to infants and toddlers in both Australia and the US/Brazil.

So faced with the issue of a very wakeful baby, I decided to give it a go!

The results were nothing short of amazing! After just 2 weeks, my little one was falling asleep quickly within minutes at bedtime, every time and sleeping for decent stretches at night - waking for just 2 quick feeds overnight 🙌💃   

And I started to feel ALIVE again!
I was able to function properly, be the parent I wanted to be (well, most of the time at least 😝), and importantly
enjoy time with my little one a whole lot more.

It was a true REVOLUTION.

And it got me thinking...

WHY are so many parents still being bombarded with misinformation - old wives tales, myths and ideas - about baby sleep that are NOT based on any evidence whatsoever. Misinformation that causes confusion, stress, and in many cases can actually create sleep problems?


WHY are parents of very wakeful little ones being asked to choose between 'Cry-It-Out' or 'Wait-It-Out' when there's also a really effective, evidence-based solution out there that can help them get the rest they need AND be able to continue to respond to their little one's needs at night?


Things need to change. FAST.

We MUST change the way our culture approaches infant sleep in general - parents need access to evidence-based information on Biologically Normal Infant Sleep - AND this new approach should really be the go-to solution for excessive night wakefulness in babies and toddlers! 

There are quite literally tens (or maybe even hundreds) of thousands of organisations, consultants and programs out there helping parents understand and apply conventional sleep training methods. 

Parents need the same kind of widespread access to this new approach!

Many years ago someone (whose name currently escapes me!) said something that really resonated with me:

"When you know something must change. 
Know you must be the one to change it."

I decided I needed to get involved. 
I had to be part of this change. 

I began sharing a simple explanation of the solution to parents in person, in online forums, social media groups and later in a video I created. But I found that while the concept is quite simple in theory, in reality it can be really hard to apply effectively. I noticed many parents who should have been able to achieve a really good improvement with this solution were struggling to get results, or get results consistently.

Which really frustrated me. 

Severe sleep deprivation is so incredibly debilitating - no parent should have to just 'live with it'.
 So I decided to find a way to help as many parents as possible apply this solution effectively

When my maternity leave ended, I decided not to go back to my day job and instead took a leap and dedicated myself to working out why parents were struggling to apply it, and how I could help them overcome these obstacles and get the rest they needed. 

There I sat at my kitchen bench, hunched over my laptop - for literally thousands of hours over an 18 month period - reading, reviewing research and developing, testing and refining a solution that would provide the right information and guidance parents needed. A program that would teach parents exactly how to effectively use this solution to overcome excessive night wakefulness, and get consistently better nights going forward. All in an easy-to-understand and enjoyable way.

Fast forward to today, and the Baby Sleep Revolution program has already helped hundreds of parents become "sleep gurus" themselves, stress less about sleep and settling, achieve restful nights and - very importantly - enjoy life with their little one a whole lot more (check out their stories towards the bottom of this page).

And that's really what this is all about!

My overall aim with everything I do - both with this program and beyond - is to help parents have an easier and more enjoyable time in the first few years. 

While it's still early days, my plan is to create a sustainable business that operates under a social entrepreneurship model - with profits being: a) reinvested in the business to positively impact more parents through new and existing solutions; b) used to fund more research in infant sleep and c) donated to charities who are also dedicated to helping parents stress less and get more joy out of parenthood 💞(side note: if you have any favourites you'd like me to put on the list to consider, drop me a line!). 

I'm so excited to have you here - and if the program sounds like it's right for you, I'd love to help!

What is Baby Sleep Revolution™?

Baby Sleep Revolution is a comprehensive, evidence-based online program that teaches parents and caregivers how to help their VERY wakeful baby or toddler fall asleep quickly and sleep for longer stretches at night, using the latest sleep science. 

The program has been specifically developed to help little ones 5+ months with a Disrupted Sleep Pattern caused by lower than optimal sleep pressure overnight.

It works by 're-setting' their sleep pattern (a process known as a 'Sleep Pattern Reset') - to achieve a more biologically natural rhythm, with more restful and predictable nights.

With Baby Sleep Revolution™:

  • You can help your little one fall asleep quickly - within minutes - almost immediately (no more stressful settling marathons!)
  • And you should start to see significant improvements in night wakefulness in 1-3 weeks!

The Program Includes:

  • 24/7 Access to the Complete 3 Module Video Program with clear step-by-step instructions that have been developed, tested and refined with hundreds of happy parents to give you the best chance of achieving a great improvement - consistently - going forward. 
  • Lifetime membership of the private Baby Sleep Revolution community where you can connect with likeminded parents for help and support.
  • ​A bunch of downloadable resources & guidebooks to help you now & in the future.
(scroll down or click here for all the nitty-gritty details - and a little video - on the program!) 

And just in case you're still a bit skeptical... 🤨 

Please be assured that the Baby Sleep Revolution program DOES NOT involve ANY form of 'sleep training' whatsoever. 
No CIO, no pick-up/ put-down, no controlled crying/comforting, no camp in/out, no graduated extinction methods etc.. 
It is NOT 'sleep training in disguise'. Promise.

Parents and caregivers are encouraged to respond to their little one's needs day and night. Feeding to sleep, feeding overnight and safe co-sleeping are all absolutely fine (not to mention biologically normal!). With Baby Sleep Revolution you can keep using the settling method(s) and sleep environment(s) that work best for you and your little one.

Watch To Learn More!

Watch my comprehensive video on How To Overcome Excessive Night Wakefulness covering:
Disrupted Sleep Patterns - including insights from the latest science and research - and the Baby Sleep Revolution Sleep Pattern Reset process. 

[This video is a shorter version of the highly popular Education Session on Excessive Night Wakefulness]

Is Baby Sleep Revolution™ Right For You?

It's likely to be, if:

  • ​Your little one is 5+ months of age (corrected/adjusted), is healthy and you have no concerns about their health or development.
  • ​Your little one's excessive night wakefulness is caused by a Disrupted Sleep Pattern* / lower than optimal sleep pressure (check out the video above 👆How To Overcome Excessive Night Wakefulness👆 for more info on this). 
  • ​You would be happy to achieve nights with minimal wakes and fast settling / resettling. You know it's normal for babies and toddlers to wake at night and understand this is NOT a guaranteed 'sleep through the night solution. It's likely that your little one will still wake at night - at least once or twice, possibly a bit more (whatever their 'normal' is) - and may still need some help to get back to sleep.
  • ​You're committed to implementing a Sleep Pattern Reset which includes being comfortable with waking your little one in the morning and from naps if/when necessary, and helping to keep them busy and distracted to stretch them through to bedtime  during the process. Please watch the video above for more information on how a Sleep Pattern Reset works and whether or not it's right for you and your situation.
  • ​You can watch 3-4 hours of video content (in easy-to-watch segments) in the next week or so on your computer, smart phone or tablet and you're ready to get started straight away!
*Please watch the comprehensive video above for more information on Disrupted Sleep Patterns and the Baby Sleep Revolution Sleep Pattern Reset process to understand whether this program is likely to help you...

Please Do NOT Join This Program If:

  • Your little one is younger than 5 months of age (corrected/adjusted). 
  • ​Your little one has an exisiting health or developmental condition UNLESS you can confirm you have an appropriate management plan in place and have obtained the approval of your baby or toddler's doctor or healthcare professional to participate in the Program. 
  • ​You want a solution that guarantees your little one will 'sleep through the night' or will be able to sleep in a separate bed/bedroom all night long. While this approach definitely helps some little ones do these things, it's certainly not guaranteed. 
  • ​​​You (or any other caregivers) may find it difficult to implement a Sleep Pattern Reset, including not being able to  / or not being comfortable with waking your little one in the mornings and from naps if/when necessary. 
  • ​You feel you need 1:1 help. With this kind of biological sleep solution, 1:1 consultations are not necessary and are unlikely to improve your chances of success (as I discovered during program testing!). The scientific concepts, research and process are relatively simple. What's most important is the quality (accuracy, clarity and effectiveness) of the information and instructions, the ability to access the program content 24/7 over a period of weeks so you can make adjustments quickly if necessary, and having the option to connect with likeminded parents for help and support during the process. I'm an absolute stickler for optimising success rates and the program is continually being updated to achieve this. The private community is super supportive and helpful - most parents tell me it's played a critical role in their success. You will definitely not be doing alone. If 1:1 consultations were more effective, I would not have been created in this format.
  • ​​It's important to you that the solution is provided by a healthcare professional. I'm a Baby & Toddler Sleep Educator, not a healthcare professional. Sleep in itself is not medical condition, it's a biological, physiological process and as such, there is no one specific qualification required to be an effective sleep educator. However, it's important to be aware that some health or developmental conditions can cause or contribute to night wakefulness. If you have any concerns whatsoever regarding your little one's health or development, please ensure you investigate them thoroughly with a healthcare professional first, before trying any sleep solutions. If your little one is healthy and you have no concerns, then really it's up to you to choose the solution you feel best suits you and your situation and - importantly - gives you the best chance of getting the results you're after. 
  • ​You are not able to watch 3-4 hours of video content in the next week or two (if this is the case, just wait until you can!). 


PLEASE NOTE: The Baby Sleep Revolution program has a great track record of helping parents achieve successful outcomes, however participation in the Program does not guarantee your situation will be improved. I aim to give you as much information as possible prior to purchase so you can make an informed decision about whether this Program is likely to help you achieve an improvement in your little one's night wakefulness. 
You are purchasing information and guidance only. Participants are 100% responsible for deciding if and how they implement the information and instructions provided in the Program. 

Please watch the two informational videos on this page and make sure you read and agree to the Program Terms & Conditions prior to purchase (these are available to view at checkout).
What Do You Get When You Join?

Watch this short video for a full summary, or keep scrolling!

The Baby Sleep Revolution™ Program includes:

6 x Months Access To The Complete 3 Module Baby Sleep Revolution™ Video Program

So you can learn how to use the science of sleep to help your very wakeful little one fall asleep faster and sleep for longer stretches at night - and get some much needed rest yourself!

There's approximately 4 hours of content in total - broken down into easy to watch, bite-sized videos and hosted on a private membership site viewable on your mobile, tablet or desktop computer.

($197 USD Value)

MODULE 1: Understanding The Science Of Sleep

The aim of this module is to give you a really comprehensive understanding of baby & toddler sleep. You’ll basically become a bit of a sleep guru yourself! You’ll learn about the science of sleep - how sleep works, and what the latest evidence and research tells us about baby sleep - so you'll be armed with the background knowledge you need to be able to implement the program effectively and confidently.

MODULE 2: How To Use The Science Of Sleep To Help Your Little One Sleep Better At Night

This is the ACTION module where you’ll get detailed step-by-step instructions to help you create and implement your own customised Sleep Pattern Reset plan. This module also includes a lot of additional information, tips and examples to help you stay on track and maximise your likelihood of seeing a great improvement, fast!

MODULE 3: Maximising Your Mama Mojo (or Papa Power)!

Last but not least the final video module focuses on how to recharge your own batteries, and keeping them charged so you can be the parent you want to be and make the most of parenthood. This module looks at the practical things you can do, how to get a good night’s sleep yourself, and changes you can make to your days to maximise your rest and your energy levels, even when you have limited support. 

And if you're also a bit of a research-nut yourself...
You'll find every study and source cited in the video modules is referenced in a separate downloadable 12 page Reference & Resources PDF document.

Lifetime* Access To The Private Baby Sleep Revolution™ Community 

So you can connect with other like-minded parents and ask for help and guidance from those who are going through the program or have already had success with the program via a private Facebook group. My team and I are also very active in the group - sharing additional insights, resources and giving general guidance in the group. So you won't be alone during the process - or beyond! Access is for one (1) person.

Parents tell me this is one of the most valuable parts of the program. When a little one has low sleep needs, they are prone to night wakefulness, so being part of a community of parents with similar little ones even after you've done the program can be so incredibly helpful. 
*Lifetime access = membership to the group for as long as the group exists

'Managing A Sleep Pattern Reset With Other Caregivers' Bundle

So you can help your little one sleep better at night even if they're sometimes cared for by others. 

($47 USD Value)
The bundle includes: 
  • A Step-By-Step Guide on how to work with other caregivers to implement a SPR effectively. 
  • A Short Written Summary of the approach with instructions for caregivers - it's done for you - just copy and paste!
  • A SPR Plan & Tracking Sheet for you and other caregivers to keep track of your little one's sleep during the SPR.
  • A Short 10 Minute Video Summary of the program you can send directly to caregivers.

'Managing Your Little One's Sleep In The Future' Guidebook

So you have the information & tools you need to manage your little one’s sleep over the coming months and years. 

($47 USD Value)
This 15 Page Comprehensive Guidebook includes resources, information and guidance on: 
  • Troubleshooting future sleep challenges and changes
  • ​Managing sleep during periods of illness or teething
  • ​Transitioning to own bed/room
  • ​Dropping naps
  • ​Transitioning to an alternative settling method
  • ​Gentle night weaning resources
  • ​Managing sleep when starting daycare / childcare / changes in caregivers
  • ​Managing sleep with siblings
  • ​Daylight savings / summer time transitions
  • ​How to manage sleep while travelling

Total Combined Value:

$291 USD

You Can Join Today For Just 
$147 USD

(that's roughly $216 AUD, $238 NZD, $190 CAD, £120 GBP and €140 euro)^

Get Immediate Access

100% SECURE Processing

^ Currency conversion is approximate only (exchange rates are subject to change frequently) and excludes any fees / charges from your financial institution. Check directly with your credit card provider or financial institution for the current rate and any fees or charges that are applicable to you. 

Price includes GST for Australian Residents.

See The Results Parents Have Achieved With 
Baby Sleep Revolution...
“I’m like a new person!”
Emma’s 15mo girl went from 6+ wakes/night down to 2 wakes/night. 
After BSR there’s no more hour-long bedtime battles, settling now takes 5 mins, and days are more predictable.
“It changed me & my husband’s life!”
Sara’s 9mo boy went through a major regression at 4 months, waking every 30-60 minutes at night. 
As a result of implementing the BSR program he went from 15-20 wakes/night down to just 2 wakes/night. 
“I feel so much better! I’ve been able to exercise again, and go back to work.”
Bianca’s 9mo girl was waking very frequently - on a good night every hour, on a bad night up to 18-21 times. 
After participating in the BSR program, she now wakes just twice a night.  
“It has reduced my stress and mum guilt, and made me realise my baby is normal.” 
Jess’ 11mo boy was waking up within 30-60 mins of going to sleep and then another 5+ times every night. 
After BSR he wakes just once! 
“It seriously changed our lives!”
Nadine’s 5mo boy was experiencing bedtime battles, multiple wakes, and long ‘parties’ during the night. 
Within a week of starting the BSR program, he was sleeping through the night and continues to do so. 
“It has guaranteed we get a couple of hours alone together as a couple in the evening.”
Before joining BSR, Hannah’s 15mo boy was waking very frequently - every 30 mins - 2 hours all night long and he had to be held for all naps. 
After BSR, he now naps in his cot and is down to just two wakes / night on average.
“We’ve seen huge, huge wins. We all feel amazing!”
On bad nights Anjelica’s 8mo girl would have long bedtime battles and wake every hour in the middle of the night. 
After BSR she wakes just 1-2 times at night and false starts are all but eliminated.
“I’m a doctor and I found the physiology, developmental science and the evidence base behind the program really appealing.”
Sarah’s 5mo girl had been very wakeful her whole life - never waking less than 6 times, which increased at 4 months to around 14 times, sometimes every 30 minutes. 
After BSR, wakings reduced back down to just 6 wakes consistently. 
You Can Join Today For Just 
$147 USD

(that's roughly $216 AUD, $238 NZD, $190 CAD, £120 GBP and €140 euro)^

Get Immediate Access

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^ Currency conversion is approximate only (exchange rates are subject to change frequently) and excludes any fees / charges from your financial institution. Check directly with your credit card provider or financial institution for the current rate and any fees or charges that are applicable to you. 

Price includes GST for Australian Residents.

“A huge improvement, and I feel like a normal person again!”
Before BSR, Jessica was up every hour, sometimes up to 10 times per night with her 7mo. 
As a result of doing the BSR program, her LO is down to 1-2 wakes per night on average. 
“I have my sanity. I can function again. I can’t stress how amazing it has been for us!”
Jacqueline’s 6mo girl had been waking up every 30-60 mins all night since about 4 months of age. 
After doing the BSR program, she now wakes 1-2 times at night, and Jacqueline feels really empowered and confident in managing her sleep going forward. 
“Go for it. It works!”
Kay & Charlie’s 9mo girl had lots of false starts, 2-3 hour long midnight ‘parties’, Kay couldn’t move most of the night because she stayed latched, and they struggled to get her down for naps. 
After BSR, she now settles really quickly, no more false starts, no more night time parties, and she only wakes twice! 
You Can Join Today For Just 
$147 USD

(that's roughly $216 AUD, $238 NZD, $190 CAD, £120 GBP and €140 euro)^

Get Immediate Access

100% SECURE Processing

^ Currency conversion is approximate only (exchange rates are subject to change frequently) and excludes any fees / charges from your financial institution. Check directly with your credit card provider or financial institution for the current rate and any fees or charges that are applicable to you. 

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You Can Join Today For Just 
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